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Washing Powder

Associated Aromatics Pvt. Ltd. is a major Washing Powder manufacturer & supplier from Ujjain in the marketplace. This range is suitable for all kinds of fabrics, and fine for hand wash as well as machine wash. It helps in making your daily tasks simple and effortless. Our range of Washing Powder shows a right mixture of chemical compounds, and offers great cleaning results. It also brings freshness, fragrance and life to your clothes. Also, the detergent powder is developed to save water and time. It is very gentle to human skin and our environment.

Features & Benefits:
  • Good Cleaning Results
  • High Foam
  • Require Less Water
  • Suitable For All Kinds Of Fabrics
  • Effective Cleaning Ingredients
  • Safe For Hand Wash & Machine Wash
Active Washing Powder
Active Washing Powder
AWP 06

Key Features

  •  Proteamix cleans the toughest stains
  • Anti-redeposition layer which prevents the washed dirt from reappearing
  • Colour guard - protects the colour of clothes.
  • Rust Preventers that makes it safe to use in all types of washing machines
Super Washing Powder
Super Washing Powder
SWP 10
Major Key Features:
  • Concentrated, consumption is less
  • Water softeners, increases foaming and checks water hardness
  • Anti-redeposition layer, keeps the dirt from reappearing
  • Colour guard, protects colour fading of clothes

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